Crates Maintain Bug

There seems to be a bug with the crates!

Reproduce :
*Create a storage space.
**Configure it so that no weapons on it can be stored.
*Create a crate that should only contain weapons.

Now, when I give my carpender the job that he should always keep a shield to be available (*with Maintain = 1) , he created one, puts it on the floor and his mission is done - (only for now…)
Now comes a free worker and put the shield in the crate - nice!

But… now the carpender thinks that the shield no longer exists, and produce the next one.

This is now unfortunately continues until the box is full even though only a single Shield has been commissioned!


Note to self: Next time, do not overhaul the inventory, the crafters, and add storage crates all in one release. T___T

This should be fixed on our working branch; test it out after the next release to be sure. :slight_smile:


You said working branch, is that 2477? Because it still exists there - or variants of it do exist. At about day 18 all my workers just lift and replace items in stockpiles - so I built crates and removed my stock piles. No good, once items where in crates I could no longer place them and my crafters could no longer access them.

Edit: spelling

She means one of their internal dev builds. Until they release next version of Alpha 11 you won’t see the fix.

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Still encountering this issue in Alpha 11 Release 447.


Problem persists in r450. Items stored in crates are not being counted towards ‘Maintain in stockpile’ crafting totals, causing those items to be produced ad infinitum.