[A7] Spools not in stockpiles

When the Weaver makes spools of thread they always throw the spindles whereever and they never sort them into the stockpiles.

Is this happening to anyone else or is it just because i have a shared area for my craftsmen?
All other stockpiles work fine it just seems like a small bug to me.


I noticed the same issue when I set my weaver to maintain thread and cloth. It looks like the items aren’t tagged to go into stockpiles. Since the item isn’t in a stockpile it breaks the maintain function for the weaver as well.

She turned all of the raw materials into thread and didn’t move on to linen. I am guessing that the code checks to see if the set value is contained in any stockpile and if it isn’t then keep making the item until that number has been reached.

So far I noticed the thread, linen, and upgraded worker’s clothing don’t get put into stockpiles. The curtains and fur rugs are still stocked properly.

Can confirm this is the case in r183.

I also want to confirm this.

Another confirmation of this bug posted in Altering Stockpile makes Class Items Unusable.

If I don’t misremember, this bug was pointed out by someone on one of the last livestreams, and Tom fixed it (and some other items that had wrong tags), so in the next release will be resolved.

But I can’t say for sure because twitch doesn’t load properly and the livestreams in question haven’t been uploaded to youtube yet.

He definitely fixed some stockpiling issues in the last stream.

This is still occurring for me in r188

Where is the stockpile you want them to be? Is it inside a building? Which filters does it have?

Yes I have them in a building. The only way to fix it is to create a new stockpile.

I suspect it has something to do. Items inside buildings have been buggy since the start. I’m not sure what happens with stockpiles.

Mmm… let me check, this issue isn’t mentioned in the Bug Fixes log for r188 o_o

Edit: Yes, it seems the fixes for item categories have not been included in r188 (what a pity :disappointed_relieved: )

Category for threads in the stockpile searches for “refined cloth” tags. Spools have “thread resource cloth_asset” tags. So, no luck.

No worries. Glad I brought it up again. Thanks for your help.


Thanks to you! We really appreciate that people check the reports of the previous release(s) to see if they have actually been fixed or not :smile:

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I, too, have noticed this problem sometimes. In fact, only when stockpiles have been made selective and then fabric/thread has been selected. No fabrics are actually re-selected (Leather, cloth, thread to my knowledge.)

Glad to hear that it’s been tracked, though!

I have encountered this, too. Seems like the fences have a storage now, but the spools and cloth don’t anymore. 0.0

The current workaround I’ve found in [A7] is to have some storage areas I never try to specify what gets stored there.

Someone pointed out to me that if you ever uncheck anything in a storage area, it can never hold fabric. I’m confirming this. I’ve unchecked a box for a storage area and then re-checked it, and from that point on, fabric can’t be stored there.

I’m not sure this is a bug, but…

How are spools of cloth, fabric and leather categorized in the storage areas?
I set the main storage area not to accept spools, and set a new area to accept the spools, and the villagers put the spools out on the lawn and do not transfer them to the new location. I’m probably doing something wrong, but I don’t know what.
Does a box need to be checked? Does a box need to be highlighted?

I think stockpiles were acting a bit wonky recently (some items not being properly categorized)…

are you playing the latest unstable build (A7)?

I had some trouble with the spools in my game too. I haven’t tested the new build just released, however, so possibly it was fixed since then.

Yeah, I’m having this problem, too. If you EVER untick anything from a stockpile you can never put cloth items back into it.