Spools of thread to looms bug

For some unknown reason every time I try to make some spools of thread, when ! check it later its turned into looms and ! end up with 30 looms

Steps to reproduce:

  1. have weaver make spools of thread
  2. Leave workshop
    3)come back later

Expected Results:
Spools of thread should be made.
Actual Results:
Looms are made

Version Number and Mods in use:
alpha 15 and no mods

hey there @Infectiongunner,

i cant get this to repro… does it persist through save/load? if so could you provide us with the save that this is happening in.


@8BitCrab Okay so I looked at it again, put like a couple of spools on maintain then put something that uses spools of thread then put spools of thread in the queue as just crafting and like go to another crafter then comeback or wait to see what the weaver makes, that’s exactly what I did an had this happen two times.

This reminds me of something mentioned a long time ago. That if the UI refreshed, the first item on the recipes list was selected automatically and you added it unconsciously to the queue because you thought you had another item selected.

However, it’s not the same case here, since you clearly saw the spools on the queue. Might be hard to reproduce, yeah :sweat: