Weaver has stopped crafting

I have noticed this bug once previously (that time it was with the Carpenter). This time the Weaver seems to have stopped crafting / got stuck on the ‘Fire Quiver’’ that is currently queued.

As far as I can tell from the pre-requisites page the materials are all present and available.

As I am not sure what might be causing it (I have not excluded user error!) I thought you would probably want the save file uploaded. So please find it attached. In parallel I will see if I can kickstart the crafter.

1484386863969.7z (6.2 MB)
Game save file

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 19

System Information:
Windowes 10

OK by clearing the queue completely and selecting a new item to craft restarts the crafter. What I need to find out now is which item was blocking the crafter and why.

Ok I believe found the cause. The 3 placed item in the queue (Bolt of Cloth) is missing Thread. Now Thread is the first item in the priority queue. So the fact the crafter cannot craft Bolt of Cloth should not matter as he has the Thread and Fire Quiver to work on first. And by the time he completes this the pre-reqs for the Bolt of Cloth will have been met.

What seems to be happening is that the ‘Maintain’ Bolt of Cloth command is taking precedence over the ‘build now’ thread command. So the crafter is stuck due to missing materials. This may be intended behaviour but intuitively you assume the top item in the list is the highest priority.

Remove the Bolt of Cloth from the queue and the crafter starts to work correctly. What’s interesting is that if you place a ‘maintain’ order for thread above the ‘maintain’ order for Bolt of Cloth it does not work. So this leads me to believe thisi s a bug and not intended behaviour.

@Alvarney, you had several spool of thread stuck on top of the spinning wheel. No idea how did they get there but they are the reason why your weaver was stuck. The orders always take priority from top to bottom of the list.

She probably started crafting one of those maintain 100, and somehow got stuck and until she doesn’t finish crafting what she was doing, she can’t start a different order. I made a ladder and they picked the threads. She finished crafting 1 cloth, and switched to craft the quiver.

This bug is related to changing the availability of the ingredients when the crafter has just started to craft that order.
There was some report long ago about crafters competing for ingredients, which is very similar. Now we have an easy way to reproduce this. Thanks for reporting, and for the savefile!