Weaver "spool of thread" maintain

giving the weaver a “maintain” spool of thread “command” gets him/her stuck on that command… forcing the hearth to completly ignore their job until
1: the command is removed

2: the “job” is paused/unpaused with the hearthling menu

this issue happens mainly with “northern alliances” in the “northern biome”… at least those are the only times where i could observe this issue (3 savefiles… 3 times the same issues… played a rayyas children game… the issue didnt happend… dont play “vanilla” race tho so cant say much about them)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. play the game… give weaver a “maintain basic ressources” craft command
  2. weaver starts crafting ressources… however somehow gets stuck at spool of thread
  3. weaver is unable to participate in their job

Expected Results:
maitenance of basic ressources, weaver doing their jobs

Actual Results:
weaver ignoring their jobs and standing idle or reverting to “secondary tasks” (haul, build etc)

savefile 1: savegame_stonehearth.zip (8.4 MB)

savefile 2: Savegame_weaver_bug_2.zip (6.5 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
current, no mods “of relevance” (just template mods… most of them not even used… and the ones i used are mines anyways)
System Information:

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