Crafting Queue Orders Associated with Hearthlings that Have Changed Classes

There are actually 2 bugs.

  1. I had a weaver (this happens with all classes as far as I can tell), that I promoted do Footmen. However, tasks in the weaver queue are still associated with him. The new weaver won’t start on those orders, because they are assigned to someone else. My crafting queue gets stuck.
  2. Despite having the necessary materials, my crafter won’t craft the thing (thread) he can craft, because he is trying to craft a thing he can’t craft (leather) due to him being out of the previous thing (thread).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Promote a crafter and fill up an order queue with tasks. Probably need ones he can and can’t fufill.
  2. Change his class and promote and different hearthling to his previous class.
  3. Watch the queue get stuck.

Expected Results:
Craftmens no longer of that occupation don’t reserve orders.

Actual Results:
Craftmens no longer of that occupation reserve orders.

Clearing out the order queue and remaking it is a workaround. You can clearly see a footman in the weaver queue.

Attachments: (8.3 MB)

Footman taking up tasks in my order queue.

I have silkweed, but can’t craft thread. Trying to craft leather, but don’t have thread. :confused: Rearranging the queue doesn’t fix. Only clearing and readding.

Version Number and Mods in use:
release-701 (x64)