Crafting queues being assigned to crafter with "Job" unchecked


So I was trying to farm a Mason to promote them into a Potter. However, in doing so, I noticed that when I queued items to be crafted, they would sometimes be assigned to my original mason whose “job” checkbox I had disabled in the Hearthling Therapist.

I can see this becoming a problem for those who want to farm a second Blacksmith for the purpose of promoting them into an Engineer.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have two of the same class of crafters (i.e. two masons)
  2. In the Hearthling Therapist, uncheck one of the crafters “job” boxes
  3. Try to craft things (I used the stone fences)
  4. See that some items are designated to the crafter that doesn’t have its “job” enabled

Expected Results:
Items should only be queued by those whose “job” column is checked

Actual Results:
Both crafters get a crafting queue

(A17, 3002 from 3000 save)

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