Mason Order Queuing

If you have two masons and you disable the “Job” on one of them, then it’s like it still queues the job for the one who has it disabled but he doesn’t do it.

I have two masons, one is level 4 and the other is level 3 and I’m trying to get the level 3 one up to level 4 so I can change him into a potter but in order to do this I disable my other mason from doing him job so he just goes around mining and hauling etc. Now, sometimes when I queue jobs my level 3 guy (the one who has job enabled) will do a few of the current job but then he’ll just stop, and it’s not that he’s tired or anything or has to eat because he’ll just stand idle or go and sit by the fire, and usually I have to re-queue the order a couple times before he’ll do something again. If I enable the “Job” on my level 4 guy whilst the level 3 mason is idle then he’ll go straight over and start doing the job (this is why I suspect that he has been queued to do it but because he job is not ticked he won’t do it).

None of my other people stop their work if there is nothing hindering them but I have not tried multiple of the other types of crafters.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have two masons
  2. Disable job on one of them
  3. Queue an order

Expected Results:
The one who has job ticked should fulfill the current job and the other one should ignore
Actual Results:
The one who has job ticked will only do a certain number of the current order before he stops working


Version Number and Mods in use:
release-549, none
System Information:

You can see who is assigned to which task at the workshop. This is not a fix but a work around, maybe if you erase the task that is stuck with the job-disabled one and re-add it, it will go to the job-enabled hearthling.

I’d like to add my 2 cents that this issue still exists in dev-2972.

Happens on any crafter job. I have have two Herbalists in my town, one level 6 and the other Apprentice. I’ll disable the level 6 and place an order for Small Healing Tonic but the Level 6 guy wants to queue it up in the menu but he’ll take no action to collect ingredients, I think, or build it.

Right now, my work around is to queue up something I don’t need to it’s "reserved’ by the disabled job guy which allows enabled job guy to build whatever I need to level them up.

The workbench queue should respect my hearthlings taking a break. :slight_smile:

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