Construction orders (Not buildings, but job construction like furniture, potions etc.) get stuck

After a while workers stop fullfilling their job orders such as creating furniture, cook, etc.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. set construction orders
  2. wait for it to just never happen
  3. check up on the order, it’s permanently green (as if they’re working on it) but instead they’re just walking about hauling restocking etc.

Expected Results:
order 25, potions, get 25 potions within 10 gamedays
Actual Results:
got 1 potion after 10 days and both herbalists are just hauling restocking etc.
i dont know what triggers this

Version Number and Mods in use:
Aesthetical mods (a biome, and more hairstyles/colours and clothes)
System Information:
Windows 10, 24gb ram, installed on a 250GB SSD, Nvidea STRIX

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mind you, i’ve reset the work orders, and that seems to atleast temporarily so far, fix the problem. they actually start working on it if i cancel the broken order, and remake the same one.

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Could you upload a savefile where they are stuck?
Or does it fix after reloading? :thinking:

it does not fix after reloading, and the solution is very temporary in the sense that they maybe make 1-2 things in the order and then stop again, i tripple checked if i have the resources, and i have 64 brightblooms~ in storage for potion making
ill look the savefile up and upload it in a minute.

new users cant upload files, do you want me to upload it to mediafire or something?


a small edit, it seems the problem comes and goes, but in this picture above, coconutty (the one i want to get to lvl 2 for cleric) doesnt do her job when shaniqua got her job-box unticked but shaniqua doesnt KEEP doing her job either when she has her job ticked

You can upload files, if you just uploaded that image :smile:

The limit is 10MB. It should be ok? If it doesn’t let you upload it, then yes, use a free storage site :slightly_smiling_face:

Riverdale save-file facing the herbalist hut.rar (7.1 MB)

mind you, its not just the herbalist, i manually had to set build orders again for the mason and carpenter too a couple of times, never had to re-do the cooks though.

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if you want, ill try to re-create the problem in an completely unmodded save, but i dont know HOW to exactly reproduce the problem starting, but you guys know more about the error codes and i assume you got more tools to see whats happening to hearthlings, how they decide what they’re going to do/not do

I found the issue. It’s on our list to fix since a long time ago. We fixed some other cases where the crafters would stop crafting when you messed with the orders or their job, but not this one.

They don’t unreserve the order once they’ve started if you uncheck their job, so the only workaround at the moment would be to make separate orders, so that both crafters can claim one of them separately. :disappointed_relieved:

do you mean, make 2 workstations, or make 2 diffrent “orders” (like 2x 10 herbalist potions, and 2 herbalists would work on the 2 diffrent orders?)

If you’re going to uncheck the job of one of the crafters, so that the other one levels up faster, make 2x 10 herbalist potions, and the like.

If you want both of them to work at the same time in order to finish the 20 potions faster, make 2 workbenches and 2 orders.

This should be fixed in the next release.

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