Disabling Hearthling Job doesnt stop him to stay in craft queue

Disabling Hearthling Job doesnt stop him to stay in craft queue
For the A17, I wanted to try the engineer. I also wanted to keep my master Blacksmith, so I started to train a new one up to lvl 2, and I disabled the “Job” options (in the hearthling panel) for the master one.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. make 2 crafters of the same category, disable Job for one
  2. add stuff to the crafter queue
  3. the disabled one still try to enter the queue (And prevent the 2nd crafter to do it’s job in some situation)

Expected Results:
The disabled crafter should exit any crafting queue

Actual Results:

A workaround is to force the disabled one in a 2nd queue. (like in the picture)


Version Number and Mods in use:
A17 2998, no mod

System Information:
win7 64 geforce 960 8go ram



So I was trying to farm a Mason to promote them into a Potter. However, in doing so, I noticed that when I queued items to be crafted, they would sometimes be assigned to my original mason whose “job” checkbox I had disabled in the Hearthling Therapist.

I can see this becoming a problem for those who want to farm a second Blacksmith for the purpose of promoting them into an Engineer.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have two of the same class of crafters (i.e. two masons)
  2. In the Hearthling Therapist, uncheck one of the crafters “job” boxes
  3. Try to craft things (I used the stone fences)
  4. See that some items are designated to the crafter that doesn’t have its “job” enabled

Expected Results:
Items should only be queued by those whose “job” column is checked

Actual Results:
Both crafters get a crafting queue

(A17, 3002 from 3000 save)

I had the same issue today. Note that the one whose “job” is unchecked won’t actually do anything, usually just being idle. But the job is still queued for them.

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I ussualy have two carpenters active, and time ago I noticed that if I ordered 10 chairs to be crafted only one of them worked. But If I order two sets of 5 both of them do it.
So when I needed to train a couple of clerics on top of my herbalist I just crafted a couple more workbenches and divided every order amongst the three. It’s a workaround that may help until this bug with the work column is fixed. That or demoting temporarily the other mason.

Have fun.

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I found it goes in an A-B-A-B order, so I would just queue the same order twice and delete the one that was designated to the crafter I didn’t want to level as a workaround

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The problem would be to find out who is who. I haven’t had time to do that much. If you do, please let us know :wink:

Have fun, Kyth.

If you go to the second tab in the crafter’s menu, you can see their portraits next to their assignment. My crafters had different skin tones so it was easy to differentiate :stuck_out_tongue: