Hearthlings will continue to build after being instructed not to

Summary: I have created a second blacksmith so I can level him and make him an engineer. I turned off my higher level blacksmith’s job box and gave the new blacksmith orders to make ingots so he can gain experience. His only checked box if for his job, yet I can’t get him to stop building scaffolding for buildings. If I suspend all building, he will go to his job, but if even a single other hearthling is building, he will go build scaffolding instead. I’ve noticed this particular problem before in previous towns. It always seems to be the blacksmith that refuses to do his job when buildings are being constructed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have at least one blacksmith, preferably more.
  2. Turn off all boxes except their job box.
    3)Watch as he annoyingly continues to build scaffolding while giving you the finger.

Expected Results: He should be doing only blacksmith tasks.

Actual Results: He does nothing except build scaffolding

Notes: My higher level blacksmith seemed to do just fine with his crafting, this seems to become more of a problem when you have multiple crafters of the same type.

Attachments: 1466039866040.zip (9.5 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use: most recent unstable update.

System Information:

ok, so i figured out part of the problem. Even when the higher level blacksmith is told to not do his job and, even though the the apprentice is told not to build, it seems the game defaults to issuing the crafting orders to the higher level blacksmith first. So the apprentice doesn’t receive the task even if you request the crafting through his characters workshop button. Still, the primary problem is hearthlings doing building tasks when specifically told not to. Scaffolding should be included in the build button as a task you don’t want your hearthling doing.