Scaffolding Union Strike


After learning about some console commands from the forums and streams, I did something I probably shouldn’t have. While attempting to build the new tier 2 building Black Smiths House I got bored with looking at it being unfinished, and never being able to be finished, I went ahead and used the destroy console command to nuke out the scaffolding and used the ib command to finish the build. As a result of this, my hearthlings will no longer build scaffolding at all, and thus will not complete any other buildings, even templates that have been finished without issue previously.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start building the tier 2 building blacksmiths house
  2. get bored
  3. delete scaffolding and use instabuild to complete the building

Expected Results:

Pretty buildings to make my town look cool

Actual Results:

scaffolding strike


Do not mess with console commands anymore

Version Number and Mods in use:

A17 D 2998


This shouldn’t happen, even with the commands… i wonder if the hearthlings don’t start building your other houses because they want to “finish” the one you completed with the console…

Adding @not_owen_wilson!

I started a new game (because I am having that much fun). I made sure to exit and restart the game before starting the new one and I am now having trouble with building in general. My first building built just fine, but when I tried to build a second one…

Those workers will just run up and down that wall and will do nothing else at all. saving a reloading will not change the behavior, it persists. no matter what. I am a little sad.

perhaps this happend because you destroyed the scaffolding first. I always use ib first, and then the hearthlings will clean up the scaffolding

@RyogaWanderer, could you upload that affected save?

Sure, Here you go:

As a bonus this is the save where they just run back and forth on the wall: