Crafter queue gets stuck

Ofttimes when multiple crafters require a certain material and the material runs out with one of them ending up without being able to get it, the queue of that crafter gets stuck.

For example:
Weaver has leather in queue, followed by thread. Leather requies thread, and there’s a blacksmith in town using thread.
There’s 1 thread left. Weaver wants to use thread to craft leather, but blacksmith steals the thread, and we end up with a weaver wanting to craft leather forever, but he’ll never have the thread, because he was supposed to craft it. :sweat:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have crafter A and crafter B craft something that requires a common material
  2. Wait until common material depletes (it’s more noticeable if the common material is produced by either crafter A or crafter B)
  3. Watch as one of the crafter’s queue gets stuck

Expected Results:
Both crafters go to the next item in their queue

Actual Results:
One of the crafter’s queue gets stuck until manually fixed or the common material arrives

I observed this issue in previous versions, too, so this is not a new thing.

In the situation below, there was a blacksmith who stole the last thread, and now my weaver is stuck. :tired_face:
(notice the pile of silkweed that is used to craft thread)

Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information:
Windows 10


Huh, I’ve noticed my crafters getting stuck very rarely but didn’t know of any repro steps - I will watch for this issue.

this is still happening today

I would suggest making so that if the stuff they need to craft isn’t available to just move on to the next thing on the list. instead of just waiting
please fix this its driving me crazy!

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Thanks for the report : ).

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Currently on my fifth game in an hour, simply cannot go past day 1 without my carpenter stopping work.

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