[BUG] Wool being used to make Spool of thread

As I was playing today I couldn’t figure out where all my wool was disappearing off to. Turns out my weaver is using it to make Spools of thread, instead of using the abundance of Silkweed I have laying around.

I’m running the current version of Aplha 9 release 256

I’d offer a screenshot, but it’s a hard bug to screenshop properly.

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This is working as intended I believe - the weaver just needs a certain type of resource to make the spools of thread, and both wool & silkweed qualifies.


hm, if it is intended, shouldn’t I be able to specify which one I’d use, seeing as wool also have other used than Spools of Thread. It makes it difficult to make the winter clothes at least.

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I’d rather have wool be used like silkweed then wool only used for one recipe. (Winter Coat)

i can understand the frustration of it. but should it at least take the silkweed first. seeing as that have no other uses whatsoever?


Have you tried stockpiling wool further away, and stockpiling your silkweed right next to the Weaver’s station?

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That is pretty much how I have it. Silkweed is stored right next to the weaver station, and the wool is stored around 10-15 blocks away. But it still goes for the wool first.

hmmm… perhaps wool is higher priority or something, perhaps somebody that delves deep within the code would be able to confirm?

@SteveAdamo could you page some of those people i would,but im afraid that i’ll page the wrong people

hahaha… fear not, @sdee can be summoned in relative safety… as long as you perform the ritual correctly (and sit completely within the summoning circle)… :+1:


Eventually, the plan is to offer a type picker from the workshop UI, but that’s the long-term solution. We’ll see if we can think of a non-destructive short-term one in the interim.

Currently, it’s “first found first chosen” regarding what items are used to fulfill a recipe.

Thanks for letting us know this is becoming a problem!


My pleasure, anything to help debug the game :slight_smile:

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