Bundle of Wool suggestion

This isnt really a bug, however I have an over abundance of wool. However there is only one recipe that stats that it is used for. Now I have heard that it can be replaced in use of silkweed, but if this is true, then please change the images of the being able to use both not just one.

also could we add more recipes to utilize wool? such as wool blanket to go on beds, dyed wool ( god this would be amazing)

dyed wool - using different ores to powder them ( cooking job) and then tailer to used wool + mineral powder to create different blankets or even floor mats or wall tapestries.

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Do you mean wool or silkweed the picture makes it confusing because the item selected uses silkweed not wool?

But I was looking into this in stonehearth the other day, and it isn’t even cost effective in terms of selling items to make gold/coins because the total sell value of all the constituents of the winter workers uniform (the only recipe in the game that wool is needed for) is 44g and the sell value of the winter uniform is 46g, slave labour or what?

yah, that is why I was looking into the aspect of trying to use it for other items such as dyes. I know the cost isnt the same, but we are playing god after all in the game.

I think the OP is saying that wool can be used as a replacement for Silkweed but that isn’t apparent in the recipe’s list for items. So the OP’s screenshot should show silkweed and wool…not just silkweed.

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Then what would be the point on using wool when silkweed is like 50 times easier to get?
I think there should be different recipes you can only make out of wool. it would give spending all the time getting meaning.

well the only one that actually uses wool bundle is the winter worker outfit. which is why I am asking for more things to be made out of just wool as well. such as being able to dye said wool and have different uses for it


I’m sure this was suggested before… :thinking:

At least, the part about changing the icon for fiber resource ingredient :sweat_smile:


is this the one you were thinking of?

though this was done quickly and isn’t the best, for changing the icon they could do something like this,

and have both ingredients “stacked” together in the image. just food for thought.


Good suggestion. Adding for A16