Critical Suggestion to Wool

Okay we have wood piles, stone piles, Bales of wheat.

Due to fact just for me at least, i have a 5 sheeps at all time, unless i need meat. getting tons of wool. So a suggestion is (drum roll) :stuck_out_tongue: Bundle of Wool lol

I could make you a quick mod that adds this until/if the devs implement it you want.

I actually would like to have wool, that way i can make tents instead of using wood

Wool is in the game, you get it from your sheep that your shepherd herds. What @micheal_handy76_mh is asking for is a large ‘stack’ for wool, in the same way you can convert 18 wood logs into a log pile, so that it only takes 1 inventory spot instead of 18.

I’d like to see piles implemented for ores first, personally… but then, if we can pile everything, when will we ever use chests?

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I sell wool, gives me lots of money.

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