Resource pile ideas

Piles… Need More Piles. I mean of resource piles, of course.
I don’t know about you, but I am always having a stockpile space problem. In my current save I have 16 Stockpiles and still have a gib Stockpile problem, as im simultaneously mining a Tin, Iron and Silver vein, Im full of raw ores. I have a full pen of sheep, mantained for more than 30 days comfortable and well fed, which means more than 400 wool bundles. Also I got more than 120 Bronze ingots and a lot of stone eventhough I have a bunch of 18 stone piles. I need more piles. My personal suggestions consist of the main idea of stocking 18 items of the same quality in a relatively small space

Wool bundle. Can be crafted by the weaver.

Ingot pile. Can be crafted by the blacksmith and counts in the "storage"cathegory. Can be made from any metal ingot

Cog pole (A wooden pole going through the cog’s central hole). This one occupies only one square of space. Can be crafetd by the engineer.

Coal pile. Looks like a black stone pile. Can be crafted by the mason

Pelt pile. Can be crafetd by the weaver

Brick pile. Can be crafetd by the potter

Thank you for reading!


Since I find no use for holding on to extra, unneeded items, I either craft them away or sell them off. While they take stockpile space, the raw materials don’t count for your total gold and thus aren’t needed above whatever limit you like to keep for your crafting needs.

That said, in another thread there was a request for a gold ingot pile for decoration purposes (and a Radiant team member liked the thead’s suggestion :merry: ). I can see coal piles also being nice to have, and brick piles.