A Few Bugs (Alpha 10, R345/x64)

Just a couple odds and ends I noticed while playing the r345, x64 build:

  1. Perhaps there’s a mechanism involved that I’m not aware of here, but after flipping my trapper over to a shepherd, he obviously went back to 0XP, like any job change. From there, XP stated to trickle upwards, but then it simply stopped at 380/3600XP. He’s got everywhere to roam, 6 sheep, and they’re all dropping wool periodically, I see him occasionally do that whistle thing and lead sheep around… but no XP is gained anymore? Saving/Exiting/Reloading multiple times doesn’t fix it.
  2. Weaver randomly uses both the silkweed and wool to make the spools of thread, despite the recipe only mentioning silkweed as a mat.
  3. Zombie spawns don’t seem to check if they can actually reach the village from where they spawn. Goblin occasionally too, but the zombies are presently shooting 0/lots in end-game, as they keep showing up on ledges above or below that have no slopes or ladders to let them access anything player-based.
  1. In my latest game, my shepherd has gained absolutely no XP at all. There has to be a bug there somewhere. I also got some errors when I got him to turn a sheep into meat (although I had 5 sheep before I even tried that).
  2. It’s definitely intended that the weaver will use wool to make thread, since it’s in the description on the wool bundles. I suspect they just don’t have the technology to show optional ingredients in recipes yet.
  3. I’ve seen zombies appearing on higher ledges too. And once I had one spawn right inside the caverns my hearthlings were living in!

I’m guessing that where the zombies/goblins were suppose to spawn were very small

No, no. The recipe doesn’t mention “silkweed”. It mentions “fiber” resource, which can be wool, too (if you mouse over the silkweed icon on the recipe, it’ll say fiber).

It’s like the recipes that need wood. In the recipe it says wood, but you can use either juniper logs or oak logs, it doesn’t matter. Unless in the recipe it’s specifically stated that you need that specific material. It’s just that in this case, the icon for fiber resource is the silkweed bundle, so it might confuse people when the weaver uses wool :confused: