Clothe Ressources

Hello There!

I did read some posts on this board and could read that it should be possible to get whool / clothes for the compy bed.

I tried to klick a sheep… nothing happened. So … how can i get it?

you get them from them sheep from an un-released class :slight_smile:

Hm … did i miss something? I did definitly read that someone did report a bug where the work bench guy went useless after trying to build a comfy bed. So if there arent clothes he couldnt build the bed … x.x

The bed does currently not require wool, as wool (and cloth in general) belong to the weaver class which has not yet been released, it’s not possible to craft one yet, yes. It’s coming though, but nobody can name a date.

Everything you can craft currently merely requires wood.


Seems like I was wrong and that was changed at some point - so yes, unless you use a mod which adds those resources, you can’t build a comfy bed.

(In other news, it looks like something broke here… The carpenter really carried the tree over…)


Thanks for the information but … what is the thing under the tree in the picture ? x.x

That would be the carpenter’s workbench. I’m not entirely sure why, but he really carried over a tree and put it onto the bench. I’ll assume that’s rp_diy_trees gone wild.

._. they souldnt fix that! A tree on a workbench is quit cool!

They didn’t break anything :wink: It was probably my mixinto test which turned all trees into valid crafting materials. So the only one to blame here is me.


would save a whole bunch of time going back and forth between the stock piles :smile:


Hm :s would have liked to see trees moving around !

Give a video of it if you can! XD