Comfy chair and bed by the weaver instead

Doesn’t it make more sense for the weaver to craft the comfy bed and comfy chair?

I mean, the actual beds and chairs are made by the carpenter. All that’s left is to apply the cloth, which the weaver then would ‘fiddle’ with, rather than having the carpenter ‘saw’ it in.


nope i think the carpenter is correct ^^ he makes the base frame and i think thats the importants part of a bed :smiley: but i think that the arcchair should be first avaible at lvl4 (he will be has better stats for eating satisfaction later)

it would be cool if the units would “tag team” some of the more intricate recipes…

so in this case, the carpenter would craft the mean bed and drop it in a stockpile… the weaver would then grab the mean bed, apply his cloth to produce the comfy bed… go team! :smile:


That’s actually something I’ve been wanting to mention in a crafting-focused suggestion thread (among other things). Maybe I’ll try to finally put it together this weekend…


ok now i understand it! and that should be easy to make ^^ just copy the recipe to the weaver and change both recipe.json ^^ i will test it ^^

The thing is, the base frame is already made by the carpenter. If you look at the recipe you need to have the frame and a cloth to make the comfy bed. So all that is needed is to work and apply the cloth to the frame, which (to me) sounds more of a job for the weaver.

@SteveAdamo, yeah that’s how I imagine how it’d work like. :smile:
It’s a bit how it’s done now, only that it’s the weaver making the cloth resource and then the carpenter takes it to put it on the bed.


and upgrade the base frame a little :wink: at the moment i try to get the recipe in the weaver but i get an error ^^

Done there was only a little bast**d of comma ^^ Like i said easy ^^ Have Fun :smiley: And like always when many people download it or use it - then we can ask Tom or Sdee to change it :smiley:

I will make an new Topic under Modding and upload it there.

I feel like a comfy bed should require wool too

Random comment I know, but still…

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i think more at feathers xD but at the moment - NO CHICKEN!^^

minecraft flashback to when my game crashed from having 9001 chickens in one block

oh god please no lmao