Carpenters refuse to build comfy beds

It doesn’t matter if I make new carpenters, they just refuse to make comfy beds. They’ll make everything else but plain out REFUSE to build comfy beds.

When a carpenter is supposed to craft the comfy bed it highlights green, the work log says a specific carpenter should craft it but that carpenter is idle. If you remove and re-add the comfy bed the same thing happeneds.

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Have you double checked that the cloth is available from the weaver and not being used in a different craft?

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@ACanOfBeans would you be willing to zip the save so we can take a look for ourselves?

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This used to happen when the recipe required mean beds and there weren’t undeployed mean beds.

But nowadays the recipe doesn’t require them, unless you’re using an old version of the game.

So it might be something else. Are the materials looted? They should really be in your storage for him to be able to pick them for crafting.