AutoQueue, Extra Comfy Beds issues

If you have a custom building blueprint and if it uses a sign like Carpenter Sign, Blacksmith Sign etc. After you place that building you will get a queue order to for the required items, but the “empty sign” made by the carpenter that is required to make the carpenter sign and such, will not be queued. In other words, if a 2nd time item is required for one of the items on your blue print, it will not be queued by the respective professions. Not sure if this is as intended or not.

Another bug, I set my carpenter to make 10 comfy beds, by the time he finished i had 14 beds. Every time he made a fine comfy bed he also made a comfy bed with the same materials.

Last thing, the crash while loading bug is still there and happens from time to time.

Version is 17 as of the 7th of June.

Hey there @PS2viciado, welcome to the Discourse :smiley:!

This is intended. While a sign only has one component needed, it could become overly complicated and potentially bad for the user if multiple chained items are needed.

Also not a bug :disappointed:. Currently, the mechanics for fine items work as follows: once your carpenter reaches a high enough level, they have a chance of making a fine item whenever they make the non-fine version. The chance of crafting the fine item depends on the Hearthling’s intelligence. The old mechanic was to make a fine item instead of a regular item, but there were issues with that, specifically with regards to the goblin shakedown and trading.

Can you create a topic in Crash Reports with the details on this, please? Would love to assist, but need more details.

Thank you for the reply. It does make sense when you put it that way. I noticed you guys just released a hotfix, I’m going to try that and I’ll let you know if I still have any crashes during loading.

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