[Res] (Bug) Carpenter doesn't do anything anymore?

Soo i build 2 carpenters to confirm it but both carpenters don’t do anything after i gave them the job
and i gave both of them the order to build a bed but they don’t do anything now just stand there

To clarify, is this Release 27 that you’re playing on? (It should say at the title screen). Thanks for the report though, that sounds somewhat concerning, will maybe hop on soon to check it out.

i believe this has been reported on Curse… does this sound familiar?


I think I know what the problem is, well guessing based off how I fixed it, because if you take a look at resources needed to build the comfy bed you need cloth, which is not in the game yet. Try making a mean bed instead and put that order above the comfy bed order or, better yet delete the comfy bed order. This worked for me at least, when I ran into this problem.