[alpha 8 unstable] issues with items

3 things

  1. my weaver is turning my wool into thread. chooses to do so over silkweed. its fine i guess but nothing says this will happen (and it made me sad when i was trying to make winter gear and needed thread!)
    – have repeated this multiple times in one game.
  2. weaver is putting bolts of leather in the stockpile that only has resources > animal parts selected. shouldn’t it go in the tools & goods > goods produced from bits of animals area?
    -have reapeated this multiple times in multiple games
  3. my footmen are ignoring my bronze armor. it is correctly in the weapons and armor stockpile.
    –have only ever built one set of bronze armor so havent repeated. but i have two footmen and they are both ignoring it!

With 3) did your footmen all have the padded leather armor (the best one from the weaver) because I believe the bronze armor has the same defence points as the padded leather so they will not equip as they will only equip armor that has a greater value of defence. Try promoting another footman and see if he will pick it up (if there is no extra padded leather)

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oh yea, they did. good point. my game crashed and i hadnt saved or a while (tried to remove a half built slab , afterwards i remember someone saying that was a fatal error… oops)

One thing that I have found is that if you que a building, then save and quit, workers refuse to continue building the structure. Even if you reque it.

good find but i dont think this is the topic for it. you might want to post it in a more appropriate one or a new topic entirely.

alright my bad I’m new to forums in general