Weaver using Leather Armor in the process of making Leather Armor

I have a rather unusual bug to report here. I wanted to make some Leather Armor for my Footmen, so I told the Weaver to craft some. Under normal circumstances she’d grab two leather and make more. But as you’ll see below, she does something different:

She grabs the first Leather Armor I’ve made, and one piece of leather, and uses it to craft one piece of Leather Armor. So now my Leather is being thrown into the Hammer Space with little hope of getting it back.

The worst part is, she doesn’t actually put the armor on a stockpile. So the Footmen aren’t interested in grabbing it…

My apologies if I didn’t report this in the recommended format. I’ll have to see how there properly submitted.


wow that’s crazy!!!

thanks for the report @Vince5754!

@SteveAdamo Thanks for the Link, Steve. I’ll try to do it properly the next bug report I give.

Now it would require some testing, but I do think I know how this bug might be duplicated, You see I didn’t have any stockpiles that were just for any item. I had different stockpiles for different crafters, I think the problem may have been that the Armor may not have been under any of the catagories of items I had listed to be put in the available stockpiles (I had Light Armor for the Weaver’s Pile, so maybe its filed under a different item category?)

To make a long story short (Or, you know, not). what could be done is you could get the materials required to make a Leather Armor, remove or toggle off the catagories for the stock piles, Order the weaver to make the armor, He/She will make it, then should just throw it on the ground. Have a one more piece of Leather available after crafting the Armor, then order the weaver to make a second Leather Armor, supposedly she’d do the same thing that happened to me.

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