[Alpha 6 r153] Weaver GUI lock-up (bolt of leather bug)

Title: Weaver GUI lock-up

Summary: Having the Weaver que the Thick Leather Vest in “maintain” 1 in stockpile produced the error below

Steps to reproduce: Weaver had 6 “Spool of thread” 4 “Bolt of cloth” and 2 "Bundle of leather in the “maintain in stockpile” selection and was doing fine with those, as soon as I tried to add the “Thick leather Vest” to it the error happened and the gui locked up, unable to open anything else, have to close the game window.

Notes: There was a smaller error window under the larger one:


I can confirm this and say whenever my weaver tries to create a thick leather vest she will just ignore the order and command, but all her other recipes seem to work fine for me.

Weaver makes a bundle of leather. The leather armor requires a bolt of leather. As a result unable to make leather armor.