[Res] Cannot craft Thick Leather Vest

Hi, I don’t know if this bug was already there in the previous releases but my weaver isn’t able to craft the thick leather vest. There’s a good amount of leather in the stockpile but she just hangs around (if I tell her to craft padded vests she has no problems). The thing I noticed is: the leather name is “bundle of leaher”, but to craft the armor it requires “bolt of leather”; probably it’s just a label thing, but it could be linked as well.


hey there @lilithlun … just so we have a frame of reference, are you using the latest steam build? r156?

Yep, sorry should have specified that!

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Can confirm. Padded vest is fine, but thick leather does not work. There also seems to be a discrepancy between the names of the resource and ingredients. I believe the resource is bundle of leather and the ingredient is a bolt of leather or something similar


Leather Vest recipe requires 2 x ‘Leather Resource’ tagged materials but the material tag of a leather bolt is “leather animal_part refined”.

That might be the problem unless I’ve missed an update, or I’m getting my wires crossed


Same for me, does not work.

Still happening in r166.

I have drilled through the main stonehearth.smod to figure out how to fix it.

Changing the leather_bolt.json file in the stonehearth.smod/entities/cloth/leather_bolt to this seems to fix it:
leather_bolt.json.txt (Rename to leather_bolt.json 651 Bytes)

I think the recipe is looking for a material with both the ‘leather’ and ‘resource’ tags, while the current leather bolt has the ‘leather’, ‘animal_part’ and ‘refined’ tags.

Edit: After editing the file, old bundles of leather will still not work. New bundles need to be created by the weaver to make thick leather vests.

Edit 2: updated the file to better align with the naming standards in place.

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Have 4 ‘bundles of leather’ as the item is named in my stock pile but my weaver (lvl3) will not make leather armour. She makes upgraded worker gear fine.

I think that this is a labeling problem. The weaver makes “bundles” of leather but the resources required to make the leather armor is “bolt” of leather.

BchBum16 is correct. This Alpha version has the leather labeled as bundles of leather and it’s looking for 'bolts of leather.

The devs are aware and this is being addressed for the next version.

Duplicate bug with [Res] Cannot craft Thick Leather Vest

Thanks, @Moe :blush:

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Found another bug the Thick leather Vest and Padded Vest cannot be crafted for some reason :unamused:

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let’s toss these reports in the bug reports section … and if you could, please use the requested format available here when submitting… it helps the team hone in on the specific problem… thanks!

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okay next time i will :smile:


I can confirm the leather armor currently being bugged out, but not the padded vests; I’ve been consistently relying on them for my military in my current games in Alpha 6.


Sounds like this bug:

this really needs to be fixed in the next alpha, @Tom

edit never mind, didnt realize it had, just assumed it hadnt due to the fact it still says “leather bundle” and “Leather Bolt”

I can confirm that it is fixed as well. Paging @SteveAdamo @Geoffers747 or @Relyss to [Res]?


apologies… was offline for most of the day…

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