[NaB] [dev2176] BUG: Full Platemail uncraftable

Full Platemail is uncraftable.

I’ve tried crafting a Full Platemail, having (more than) four steel bars, one thread, and one bundle of leather. My blacksmith stands there, unable to do anything else. I’ve removed the Full Platemail from her queue and put another item in (a bronze shield), and she was able to craft it without a problem, so it is definitely the Full Platemail recipe.

Steps to reproduce:
Attempt to craft a Full Platemail.

This issue appears similar to this one: [Res] Cannot craft Thick Leather Vest

EDIT: Nevermind, non-issue. I was one steel bar short.

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first of all, do you have all the needed resources?

I did not, Crab. I was unable to replicate on another try. My apologies, I’ll replicate before posting next time.

ah no worry, but as you said you should try and replicate before posting, better safe than sorry :wink:
also i know how you feel about being one resource short, happens to me all the time.
@SteveAdamo or @Relyss please close this thread :blush:


its ok @Moai … thanks for the report, and the follow-up! :+1: