Pelts Problem | Can't use all for Bundle of Leather

So i noticed when i recorded my new video that something must have changed with the Tailorer with making bundle of leather because i have about in total with different pelt types about 10 but i can only see on the Tailorer that there is 2 that cab be used for making bundle of leather.
These two that only seem to work seems to be from bunnies but i have from all kinds of creatures like racoons and foxes for example which is strange.

Anyone else have this problem/bug?

A17 Release 610 (M)
Settlement Decoration
Jomaxro Doorways
Spiros Window Mod

Do they definately count as resources? Were they put into a storage already?

Seconding DeMaggo’s comment, sometimes your hearthlings won’t use resources that aren’t in stockpiles - it helps them prioritize the ones you thoughtfully placed near them, rather than running across the whole to get to them.

Could be that some are on the ground i do see that i have them in the “Inventory” tho but maybe counting them there even tho they are not in the stockpile yet.