[Con][r156] Promotion amulets are not put in filtered stockpiles

Hello, I noticed two problems with stockpiles. One is an old thing that always happened in my games: job change items are never put in a stockpile if you change the default settings; i mean: if you select only some of the categories to be stored there those items will be left around and never stocked (none of the categories work for them), even if you check “all” again they are still not stocked and you need a fresh default stockpile.
The second thing never happened to me before: I created a small default stockpile (to store job change items, but that’s not the point), and sometimes my townfolks go there in large groups and just move the items placed around… picking and dropping always in that small stockpile. After a while they eventually get bored and move on.
I hope it is understandable enough.

EDIT: I noticed that when someone is idle he tends to do it a lot. For example I removed my farms for excess of food, and now my farmer spends all day moving around objects in that 3x3 square.


I can confirm this as well, but in a larger setting (approx. 10 by 16 voxels). Settlers are constantly picking up and dropping items already in the stockpile–I also had a stockpile with only wood and stone in it, and they didn’t seem to bother with it. Perhaps this is particular to “All Items” (default) stockpiles, or certain items.

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Nice catch, @lilithlun !
This is a good explanation of the recent stockpile problems. To sum up,

  • Promotion amulets are only stored in fresh new “Contain All” stockpiles.

  • Same happens to fences (I think)

  • Idle workers tend to pick and drop items of that kind of stockpiles a lot (I think we have old reports about this, and it was fixed several times…)

I’m pretty sure this is the case, from what I remember. Hopefully, Radiant can add the correct tabs to these items in the next alpha or so and possibly fix some of the bugs associated with stockpiles in the process.


Yup, happens to fences. I had a trader ask me for 8 fences and they ended up all over the place. I don’t have an “all” pile.

My promotion amulets are all over the place, too. If you open up the Zone menu sometimes you will notice the amulet is sitting in a 1x1 zone of its own…

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unchecking a random resource from a stockpile will make the hoe and weaver spindle not be accepted there anymore.
only a new stockpile will accept the hoe

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a hoe or weaver spindle
  2. Have an unaltered stockpile or make one
    3)edit what it will accept, by unchecking something
    4)redit the stockpile so it will accept everything will not fix it.

Expected Results:
Dont know what to expect, there isnt an icon in the stockpile for tools only the catagory “tools and goods”
in my opinion there should be one for these, a hamer icon for tools would make the most sense (these should include the saw, hoe, spindle etc. and future tools like the one for the mason and shepherd, and the problem shouldnt occur in the future.)

Actual Results:
the Hoe or weaver spindle will only go in an unalterd stockpile none other

I only have screens viewing the hoe, but the weaver spindle responds the same way. As I started writing this post I only knew about the hoe, but checked other tools when i was almost finished with the post. and that is how I found out the same applies to the weaver spindle.


Versions and Mods:
r156 no mods

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I believe this sort of thing has happened even before the latest builds, but definitely, these are stockpile problems I’ve experienced as well. Hoping it is just a lack of classification of the affected items, so the fix can come soon.