[Dup][r156] The daily struggles of the commen Hoe( and weaver spindle) [stockpile bug]

unchecking a random resource from a stockpile will make the hoe and weaver spindle not be accepted there anymore.
only a new stockpile will accept the hoe

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a hoe or weaver spindle
  2. Have an unaltered stockpile or make one
    3)edit what it will accept, by unchecking something
    4)redit the stockpile so it will accept everything will not fix it.

Expected Results:
Dont know what to expect, there isnt an icon in the stockpile for tools only the catagory “tools and goods”
in my opinion there should be one for these, a hamer icon for tools would make the most sense (these should include the saw, hoe, spindle etc. and future tools like the one for the mason and shepherd, and the problem shouldnt occur in the future.)

Actual Results:
the Hoe or weaver spindle will only go in an unalterd stockpile none other

I only have screens viewing the hoe, but the weaver spindle responds the same way. As I started writing this post I only knew about the hoe, but checked other tools when i was almost finished with the post. and that is how I found out the same applies to the weaver spindle.


Versions and Mods:
r156 no mods

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