Storage problems

any storage area will do
Steps to reproduce:

  1. let them store several items

Expected Results:
good storage
Actual Results:
multiple items on the same spot


Version Number and Mods in use:
only debug tools installed. Save is from version 3002 and up to date

I’ve seen this too, although only once. (Though I also don’t use stockpiles much.) I noticed that the stockpile was still marked as 4/4 items despite clearly having ~8 in it, but I didn’t think to check which four items were registered as present.

well seeing it happens with allot of types i thought to report it. As far as i could tell it involves , lamps, storage containers, gold chest, bricks, ruggs, fences, animal parts, new quest items. The list gose on for a while. Its happening with resently added items as well as older items

I had it happen with mason’s hammers and wooden shields. I couldn’t tell if both the mason’s hammers I made were stacked or not, since it wasn’t an important thing to me at the time to go hunt down the other hammer. Which I regret now, because the shields weren’t stacking, and it would’ve been interesting to know if that was because the stockpile hadn’t been filled yet or because like items don’t get stacked.

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lost the chest of plenty, had 5 and now only 1. No temple was created. I’m not really pleased with it seeing the mutton and the poyo meat was a pain to collect