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Beautiful! I will add it to my german Mod xD and for the planter just Look into the code for flowers or tree its an easy task so if you need help just ask.


Gardener Bench and Planter Boxes

Update Version 1.01

The new Update adds a Gardener Workbench and some Plants to the Herbalist. Useful if you want to harvest some herbs or also as decoration for the city.

New in this version: Downloadlink in the first post




Thx @Wiese2007!
Yes i used the code from the Plants to make the new models ^^ ad with a lot of help (thx @BrunoSupremo) i added this to the mod.

Danke :wink:


Bug report: missing icon!


thx for the report. bug solved!


what is it that this new workbench does? does it make the flowers? (replacing the ones from the carpenter?)


Currently it allows a herbalist to craft those planter boxes (see the picture at the first post).


The workbench doesn’t replace the flowers of the Carpenter but adds this new havestable Planter Boxes in the game. In future i’m planning to add more plants to use them as decoration for cities :wink:


Another bug report: missing description after harvest the small frostsnap planter box.


ok, this maybe takes more time to solve ^^
work on it. thx @dalabo


One small question, is the planter box for Rayyas on the to-do list?


Updated the smod-file. Now everything works fine

Yes sure. I have only to make a research how to implement this items in the Rayya Mod. Are there any guidelines to follow?


This is really fun to have, I’m excited for an update! My herbalist always felt really empty before :smiley:


Rayya Kingdom

Small Herbalist Update

Added some Rayya Models for the Herbalist. Harvestable Cactus Flowers and modified decorations. Thx to @BrunoSupremo for his helpful inputs to finish this update :smiley:

New in this Version: Downloadlink in the first post :point_up_2:

Rayya Models


This is looking really good, pingu - I really like the style of your models :slight_smile:
I can’t wait to see more content for all the classes ^^


Wow! Those cactus flowerpots looks really nice! I love how you went RC straight after finnishing the ascendancy version of the herbalist. What are the plans for the next class? :merry:


Ahh many thanks ^^

Thats a good question :smiley:
I’ve already created some models but all for different classes. On which one i should work now??

  • Blacksmith
  • Carpenter
  • Cook
  • Engineer
  • Mason
  • Potter
  • Weaver

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Pingu if you can find a use of my models from the fornjotr mod, then feel free to use them for your self :merry:

I look forward to play with your work in the future!


Ohh really nice models!!! :heart_eyes:

I noticed someone of your models will look great for also for the Herbalist Workshop :smiley: (* Dresser with Bonsai for example)

Many thx @Fornjotr! Nice to hear that you appreciated it :slight_smile: and i will see what i can do in the new Versions.


Dude, this looks so good!
I wish there was someone in the radiant team whose responsibility was to just create featureless decorations like this. It gives your settlement so much more soul if you get my drift.

Keep it up!