Home sweet home 🏡


I’m glad you like it @ZwoeleBeer :smiley:
In this months hopefully i will have more free time to make more changes to the mod


Yeah! @Fornjotr’s Bonsai really looks amazing :heart_eyes:! Maybe you can turn it into a workstation and the herbalist can make miniature-potted versions of its larger plant counterparts :blush:. I’ve always wanted tinie-tiny-widdle berry bushes for my bunnies~.


oh this is a great idea! will try it soon. Now i’m working on some small model updates but i will add this to my To-Do-List :wink:


Small Update for the Herbalist Models

Added some Model varations to some of the existing models. This will still be updated with new ones with the coming Updates. Downloadlink in the first Post :arrow_up: :arrow_up:


The new model variations looks amazing - good job @pingu!

Small question (call me out for it if you want): how come the shelfs are still made out of wood on the Potter models?
Maybe they are higher level recipes which are only available once the Potter know how to work with several materials? :slight_smile:


ahhh it’s because the models also includes a wooden part. so i wanted to add also wood to the recipe. the ascendancy model uses 4 wood and the rayya model use the same amount only using 3bricks an 1 wood


I know; I was wondering why the models included the wooden part xD
But that’s ok - they look really good!


ahhh i used the wood part only because it’s looks better xD


The variations are really amazing. Nice work! But the bookshelves look quite empty. I would like some decorations on it if possible.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wonder if we take the bookshelf as a container, is it possible to change the appearance according to how many things are stored?


With some lua-coding, I think so, yes - furthermore, I think it would look awesome! :smiley:
However, with strictly JSON-coding I don’t think it is possible :frowning:


I’m really impressed with the quality of this mod. It looks really good and fits really well with the default assets.
I liked your mod logo! Did you made it yourself?

And adding the profession icons to the item list is such a good idea too, I’m going to copy it in my mod posts too :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome work Pingu! Oh man i love that skull :jubilant:


Ahh we already discuss the container issue on a other post xD hopeful in future.

Ahahha thx! Empty? You mean the carpenter or potter model? XD


Thx you Bruno :slight_smile:
I tried to make a hamronic style with the original models of stonehearth.

Yes i made the logo by myself :wink:


They look awesome. Great job!


Yes, the carpenter and the potter. Are they on the todo list?


Ok, i created this models only for the work chain xD but it seems that isn’t working very well. Will update them in the new updates.

Of course also the carpenter and potter will have own personalized models. This are empty ones :smile:


Finally the Cook Workshop is also done. Added some decorative and also functiona Items to the Cook like Containers, Furniture and much more.

Also added a new Workshop to the Cook needed to create this special Entities.

Take a look and let me know what you think. Now working on the Rayya Version of this models.

Download Link in the first post :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up:


My jaw just went to visit the ground and said hi…
:heart: :heart: :heart: Wow… just… wow…


Hahaha i’m glad you like it. For now it’s only the first Version. I’m planning to add some more models to the cook in future