Home sweet home 🏡


Wow @pingu, you’ve done it again - all of this just looks so amazing!
Good job!!


Thx you @Hamnisu ^^

It seems that being a horrible perfectionist is useful on creating voxel models ahahahah


Haha, I do indeed agree with your statement!


The way you placed the items in the context of a building, really gives a better sense of what you can achieve with this mod! I would slaugther a sheep in your honor if i did not need the wool :jubilant:

Great work as usual @pingu!!!


Hhhh thx Fornjotr :smiley:


I don’t normally use mods, but I have to say, I’m definitely using this. They look amazing, and are just the kind of decorations we need! Great work!


Thx SirAstrix! I’m glad you like it ^^


Looks awesome. Great work as always.


At last! Someone has put a tablecloth on the tables! Thanks @pingu :smiley: You are really putting some life into the hearthlings’ houses.

Have fun! Kyth.


any plans to make the cook work with Raya’s? presently they have no way to make the vegetable soup that it requires for the dishes cabinet


Sure! i’m working on the Rayya Version of the Cook models. I hope to finish them for next week.


Hi @pingu, just wnat to let you know, you miss the Spice Corbel at the first post.

And, am I the only one noticed this? :sweat_smile:
Crockery Shelf


ohh :scream: :scream: :scream:

yes my mistake! also for the model. will update it later xD

thx for the report :wink:


I love everything about this mod. I downloaded it and some of the items are not showing up for the cook, carpenter,and blacksmith. Is there something I did wrong?


Hi @megcush,
i’m glad you like it ^^

Can you tell me witch models are not visible? Take note some models are only available for the specific Kingdom. Like The Cactus flower plant --> Rayya


Since I typed the comment I deleted and reloaded the MOD. The only thing I seem to not see is the bookshelf that the carpenter is able to make. I have not tired the MOD in the Desert yet but am looking forward to it.


Ok, mhh let me try something. Maybe i can find the bug. You mean the Ascendancy Bookshelf right?


While you’re at the bug-fixing, there seems to be a conflict with the swamp biome mod. I don’t know if there’s anything you could do about it but maybe @BrunoSupremo could help?


I doubt this mod is causing that conflict, as this just adds items as far as I know. I will take a look though, if I find something we can work on a solution.


Maybe it was just general Stonehearth weirdness then? I love both the mods! :heart_eyes: