Home sweet home 🏡


If it was just a one time thing, yes. Else, feel free to send me your save.


I think so it just says wooden book shelf in the game


I tried it at home but everything seems to work fine :confused:

@coasterspaul, this mod only adds new entities to the game. If there a really problems in combination with other mods i will try to find out what it can be :open_mouth:


The book shelf is missing for me too :confused:


Ohh it’s not good… :confused:
I#m still working on a update. Will also check this error. Hope to publish them as soon as possible.


I’m loving the decor this mod is adding to the game but I have a conflict problem. If I have the mod settlement decor installed at the same time the carpentry recipe for the wooden shelf disappears which then also makes it impossible to craft the apothecary and crockery shelves.


I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:
Did you get an error or only the recipe isn’t visible in the carpenter workshop?


This looks awesome! I’m not to the stage yet where I will mod my game, but this looks amazing.


The recipe isn’t visible in the carpenter workshop. I hope you don’t mind but I unpacked your mod and the wooden shelf is just called shelf in the files. There is an item in settlement decor which is also just called shelf. I tried going through your files and renamed it wooden shelf throughout and it was then craftable. However as i’m not really a modder I must have missed something because the descriptions in game were all messed up.


Ah thats helpful. Will renamed it in the nex update so its craftable again. Thx for the report!! :smiley:


The new update takes long… :frowning:
Wanted to publish it last week but i had some inconveniences at work so i have to change the release date to this, maybe next week.

I will also solve this Bugs with the new update so it will works properly on the last Alpha Version and the active Mods.

Next Update: Cook Entities - Rayya


those are pretty nice
i really hope they (the developers) will add more decorations later in development

2 bad i wont use these myself (since i try to be as vanilla as possible)


I caved and added it. Great mod!


Version 2.1

Rayya Children Cook Update

Finally the new Update is online ^^

The MOD include now also the Rayya Models and i made some BUG fixes. Let me know @dal_24 if it’s working now with the decoration mod :wink:


I’m really glad you like it. Appreciations make me work so much better on this mods :smiley:
Stay tuned for new updates :wink:


are any of the recipes locked on a new game? or are they all accessed immediately when you access the carpenter?


Every single entity needs a ifferent level of crafter. So some are only craftable by a level 2 or higher carpenter and so on.


Awesome! Keep up the great work. I’m so stoked that people are creating mods. I’m about to go make some models myself tonight.


Thx :slight_smile:

Hopefully i can work in future on this mod!


So now, after finishing the cook decorations, with workshop should i make?

I let you decide witch one should be the next :smiley:

  • Blacksmith
  • Carpenter
  • Engineer
  • Mason
  • Potter
  • Weaver

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