Beta r868 On Steam Unstable - Northern Alliance!

After ling put Font of Summer he is jump to top of it :smiley:

I had something a little bit funny happen to me today. Not a bug, just a funny story. I started a new town, and am building up my millitary very slowly. Day 15 and I only have one archer and just now promoted a cleric. Now that I have 2 in my mighty army, they both decided to hunt some deer. My cleric got just far enough ahead of my archer that he would scare the deer to run, keeping it out of my archer’s range and my cleric could never catch up. Because of this they ran all over the map before I noticed it never quite getting close enough to the deer. My game speed was max while this was happening and I just had to load up the Benny Hill theme on youtube to make it perfect lol

So, I don’t know if its intentional, but the normal and simple stone garden lanterns are off-center. Personally drives me nuts.


I feel like our workers needs to get smarter for mining or auto ladders one or another because pretty much every time you dig you get hearthlings stuck one way or another either in a hole or you end up having floating stone blocks that you have to add 500 ladder to mine down all the flying stones :slight_smile: would love for an improvement :slight_smile:


I was checking out my town again. I have attained Tier 3 with the Font of Fortune. It is placed in my town and when I click on it it says it is of Knot, spirit of the wheel. On the mason’s crafting menu he is named Knut, so there is a spelling error, I believe it should be Knut, cause I’ve heard of that name from northern native people.

But the real issue is, that in my Town Overview menu, under Bonuses, it says I have the Font of Summer, which grants +1 to Mind, Body, Spirit. However, no Hearthlings actually received any +1 to stats.
So the bug is that I am supposed to have Font of Fortune bonus, but it says I have Font of Summer without actually getting any bonuses.

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Home Sweet Home has fireplaces in it, if you’re using that one.

Also not sure if this was a typo, an homage to a company in Minnesota (since Allie mentioned living there in a stream), or an intentional mistake given the flavor text:

Supposed to be “Lighting from a simpler time.” ?

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Thank you very much Team Radiant! Im very honored to have my name in such a great game! Now I can even pester the players themselves to add more gingers to their settlements via raiding them. The legacy lives on in the hearts of all ginger Hearthlings!


I shut off the storage mod and reloaded the game. The issue persisted.

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Hello everyone !
i woudl like to know where i could get all information about the new Arctic biome
im using TobiasSabathius’s Taiga biome, id like to tweak it to use Arctic Fauna and flora, maybe the climate effect with the terrain color, but im quit new with modding here and cant find the vanilla biome infos anywhere

Or maybe the simplest way, edit Arctic biome to use taiga hills and fog intensity or climate, i realy dont know it works. Happy to learn from you guys

I absolutely love it so far! The houses are stunning and I love using them plus the new music makes me feel powerful. Though I was stupid enough to start without a bow which meant that I had to get to a blacksmit as quick as possible and then to a carpenter which is really hard. So the first 10 or so raids where hell because I had to press the alarm everytime so that my hearthlings wouldn’t die. I already had around 19 hearthlings when I got my first hunter and the raids immediately became really hard because I had so many hearthlings and wealth. (Got the ogre and 2 brown wolfs) Which made it impossible for me to defeat the raids with just 1 or 2 inexperienced hunters and hearthlings that just run away from them. So I usually now have to destroy one or two enemies so that it isn’t to hard for my hunters until they gain more experience. Is the bow something you can choose in the beginning to get when you start a new game? I picked the upper one that’s already selected for you. Or did I just not get it.

Insane how many animals someone get if they are offline while the other player me the host keeps playing :smiley:


There are 2 starting loadouts which give you a bow in the beginning, in fact the nomadic themed one gives you two bows! You may have to scroll down to find them.

Personally I love the “merchant caravan” loadout (bow, herbalist’s staff, trapper’s knife, possibly a farmer’s hoe, plus some food) for all three kingdoms, but I find that the NA get the most use out of it by far since otherwise it’s hard to get hold of an herbalist (and thus a cleric) to support your soldiers. It’s interesting to note that the NA’s version gets a bow rather than a wooden sword (the “default” version that the Ascendancy and RC get), it’s a subtle but powerful change.

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Ahhhh okay thank you!! It was such a struggle and if I had just looked then I wouldn’t have faced that problem! Though I didn’t know that the bow was crucial in the beginning of the game. Also I don’t know if anyone else has this bug/problem but all my sheep are headless lol

edit: apparently the heads are hiding inside their bodies I would too if I was naked in the cold weather.


Can’t reproduce the bad rig of the sheep in our internal branch :thinking:
Could it be a mod?

It could be a mod yes! I will try and restart it now first with the mods and if that doesn’t fix it then I will try and start it without mods and see if that fixes it :3

edit: Turned off all mods and the heads are still in the bodies. The chickens also have floating heads


I only have these problems with livestock the wild animals are fine.

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If you upload a savefile, maybe we can take a look at it. Nobody else reported the same issue yet, so not sure what’s going on.

Not so easy to get shepherd as NA :smiley:

Here you go! And yes it’s quite hard to get the shepherd and after I got it and got some lifestock I forgot that I couldn’t plant Wheat or any other kind of food thats needed for these animals to survive so my cleric keeps healing them to save them from dead lol.

As I was playing I realized that the NA isn’t able to grow wheat for any sheep!

While I understand the lack of agriculture for the NA (they’re appear to be more nomadic and survive off the land), I think sheep really fit in with their aesthetic. However it takes a really long time to be able to shepard sheep because you either need to rely on traders to get sheep feed and wheat to turn into feed, or hope a seed vendor shows that is selling wheat seeds.

I vote to allow the NA to grow wheat by default so that they can have cute sheep to shear for wool to keep them warm and cozy!

Could also be taken a step further and have silkweed no longer growable by default and force NA to rely on sheep wool instead.

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