Artis – Shop Mod 👕 (BETA)


In connection to the Mod Home sweet home 🏡 i also wanted to start a decoration Mod for the shop-part of the buildings. Adding some new windows, decorations and furnitures.

Let me know what you think about. Also inspirations are more than welcome!

Beta Preview

Added the new Mod, for now only on Steam!


Those windows are so cute! I love them!


I’m glad you like it @Averest :slight_smile:
It was also planned to add a clay version of this ones and than maybe some furnitures, all working like this storages


Creative input

I’m a little bit out of ideas for stuff to add to the “Artis” mod. Someone have maybe suggestions or also long desired items that hasn’t been added to the game jet. Let me know what can be nice for a mod; focus trading and shops.

Planned update

I’m working on some trader stands with special resources but i have to figure out how it works…

  • More furniture
  • More decorations
  • More stockpiles

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I cant seem to be able to place the windows on the ground anymore, there seems to be a “required clearance” of 3 blocks from the ground,

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How did I miss this mod. huh, seems I’m not alert enough. Anyway, great Idea @pingu and I look forward to more developments. :smiley:

Also, maybe some inspiration:
image image
A cart!

Ohh lovely idea with the cars!!!

@TheRedBaron91, you can’t place the window? Really? Can you make a screenshot ore something similar so i can see where is the problem

sure thing.

I can place the window itself, but it wont place it on the ground “voxel” its always 2 voxels from the floor.

One sec

it jsut wont let me put it on the ground, I cant set it any lower than that


Ohh have to make some changes :open_mouth:
Hope to find a solution for this

You ise the new builder? In this case maybe the issue is that the ground floor is also elevated. Seems lime the floor is over the ground, like the doors

in this case, I actually placed the floor one level on the ground (like on the old builder.)

can you see this error aswell?

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here is another angle, I cannot place the shop windows any lower


Mhh i undestand. Have to try something. Hope to find the solution for this issue

were you able to find anything? I am still confused as to this myself.

I tried messing with the abour 3 different jsons before my head started to hurt and I gave up. Mad respect to anyone who mods

I have absolutly no idea what causes this. Im trying to find any sort of “limiter” for the windows. This also happens with the doorway mod, funny enough, it happens with the castle porticulis, and the iron porticulis

How did I miss those windows back in april??? Now I need them!

Wonderful Idea, thanks!

Have fun, Kyth

I try to solve this issue but it’strange :frowning:
Tomorrow i have also more time to dedicate to this bug. Hope i will get this working again :frowning:

Jomaxro’s Archways has the same problem. Maybe you should work on it together?

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That’s a good point, i think it’s a small problem, easy to solve when you find it :smiley:
Was searching in the Stonehearth Door Entity to take a closer look to the different changes they made.

This mod is very cute! Only thing I would add is a fancy shop counter to go inside.

is it working fine in your game? many users have the problem to positionate correctly the windows on a wall