Silverpine Trading Post (100% complete)


I was hoping to get this town finished before the holiday, unfortunetly that hasn’t happened, so here is what i have so far, working town with buildings for all professions as well as a inn (the sleepy fox) with room for 25, a shipyard with the finest carpenter’s working day and night to build a new sailing ship, all safely behind the kraken’s gate that defends the bay from the terror’s that lay in the deep ocean beyond, hope you like it so far, im open to any suggestions to add more to the town.

hope you all have happy holiday’s. :santa:


Rassin’ frassin’ all you cool people with the amazing artsy building skills. >.>


Wow, that’s impressive! How long did it take to build the Kraken’s Gate?


Amazing job and Happy Holidays to you as well!! :jubilant:


A bit curious about a window on one of those houses its a tall window thats centered with a 1x wide block on top roof which is impossible with all windows ive seen except the wide laying down window.

Is this a modded window because i always wanted to have this possible but normaly they dont hook that way :jubilant: nice town also


@Banto I could be wrong but these look like windows from my Glassworks mod :jubilant:

If so, it is a wonderful use of it! I love the buildings! :heart::heart::heart:

Happy holidays!


Happy Holidays :slight_smile:

Do those windows hook different than standard tall windows aka can put them in middle with for example 11 width house because normal tall windows cant do that with uneven numbers :slight_smile: if so i must download your mod :blush:


That is a 3 wide window, that is why it is possible to center it.


glad you all like it so far, you are right about the windows @DaniAngione i absolutely love your mod, every window in my town is made by my glassmith, its made my hole town pop in a way none of my other builds have.

@Alexander_Harvey the kraken’s gate took me longer than any other build i have ever done, i have designed and re-designed it multiple times and could probably do so multiple more times, i even had to make it 12 blocks taller at 1 point as i realised it was too low for the ships to get under :man_facepalming:

i will continue to update as my town grows, currently at max graphic settings and a population of 44 and i want to push this build to see when i start to lag


You’re town looks really nice so far :slight_smile: I can only say the things that were allready said.
Were you perhaps inspired by “Kul’Tiras”? Especially your kraken’s gate could be something that would be there.


Now you mention it, this does have a very kul’tiran feel doesn’t it, it’s not something I had really thought of until now :grinning:

Some of my earlier designs even had tentacles climbing the gate.


Awww I love it! Thank you! Makes me so happy to see the glass windows put to good use <3


pretty much complete now, im at 52 hearthlings and just starting to skip frames, but still easily playable, i still have a open area in the back corner behind my profession buildings if anyone can think of anything to put in there, hope you all like it.

Uploading: screenshot 2018_12_27__17_41_55.png…


I’m thinking steampunk for my next build :thinking:


Holy hell! This is amazing!


I really like your City. It looks pretty nice.
For the big place behind your Workshops, what about a tower with airships/balloons?

Also, what’s inside the little “earth-houses”? Are there 3 Geomancers inside, or is it just because it looks cool? :smiley:


Thanks @max99x :grin:
@Paldorien ohh :thinking: airship sounds like a good idea, a really good idea, will link to my next build well too if i do go steampunk, the little earth houses are empty at the minute, hopefully soon will have goemancers inside them :smile:


How the heck did you build floating stones?!


My guess would be:

  • Build a base structure
  • Build as a new building the floating stone on top of it
  • Destroy the base structure.


There is a nice building guide. Near the end it teaches how to make floating block sculptures legitimately, in one building template. It works by placing several walls beside each other, then removing sections with the hole removal tool. And repainting how you like it.
The nice guide is here: Stonehearth Building Guide