Atralane's Antics (7/22/2016): Argo Tonitruous!

Hello, everyone! With some motivation thanks to @micheal_handy76_mh and @SteveAdamo, I figured I would list all of my projects through the development of Stonehearth here in a single thread. I’ll also include hyperlinks so you can find their respective threads if you’re interested in more of the details behind them.

So, let’s begin!

Alpha 5

Diadem Castle (Multi-Story Buildings)

Alpha 6

Grand Sina (Atralane’s Antics in Alpha 6!)

Fort Lias Cathedral (Atralane’s Antics: The Fort Lias Cathedral Project)

Alpha 7

Mountains_8 (Atralane’s Antics in Alpha 7: Mountains_8?!)

Alpha 8 (/Pre-Alpha 9)##

Diadem Chateau (Atralane’s Antics in Pre-Alpha 9: Diadem Chateau: COMPLETE!)

I’ll update this post as more projects come along! I hope you enjoy, and see you next time!


such much stuff to squeeee!! about… so little time to squeeee!!

you’re a pillar of the community @Atralane … a real foundation upon which we can build and grow…

searches desperately for more thinly veiled building references

thanks for putting this together! :smile: :+1:


Awesome works! Keep it up. :slight_smile:


Nice work, Nice details, love the details. Keep it up. You and @Stoneheartfan and a few others always keep me on my toes, and not to be lazy.

But now to finish building a real custom home and then I can focus once again on building my builds after :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d actually be interested in possibly some community build requests. I’ve mainly done large-scale buildings so far, usually centered around this “main chamber” concept, so I wouldn’t mind branching out.

So, go ahead! What kind of things would you guys be interested in seeing? Just to give some possible avenues to explore, my hobbies include reading, music, video games (primarily Nintendo consoles, some computer), and anime. I’m interested to see in what you recommend!

Just don’t go asking for something like Miyzaki’s Laputa from Castle in the Sky yet–missing materials and limited block types aside, I think the game can use some more streamlining before I attempt something like that to do it justice!


SOOO I start scrolling down…

So yeah. Be Proud. Your builds are insane.

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Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of my larger, crazier projects. So, allow me to reveal my latest antics!

First off, allow me to say…the game’s engine has become immensely better with the recent updates. I’ve gotten this game to go farther than I ever have–nearly to the end of Rainmun, the third month of the Stonehearth year! Previous projects have only gotten to about the beginning of Dewmun (month two).

So, what to build? We just got water and multistory buildings. I’ve already made several multistory structures so far, so let’s go for water first. Thanks to @phector2004’s recent testing of funnels with water ([see here, from Alpha 10 Snapshots][1]), I know we can shape water’s flow a little bit.

So why don’t we build a giant shrine with a statue head in the wall with water flowing out of the eyes into a collection pool and canal?

Concept Found!! Start work on the Diluvium Shrine!

So, I started out with making a mountain shrine around a water source.

And… Done!

I decided to go for an Antiquity-era style (Greek and Roman), with an open-air shrine with the fountain basin and a Parthenon-esque temple with a golden altar, shaped like a water droplet. After that, I added some formal stairwells to ascend up to the shrine on either side of the canal.


The game’s still working! That’s not acceptable. I’m not done until I’ve driven the game engine to crash and burn itself under lua and pathfinder strain!

So… Time to Push the Envelope!

And…Done! Again!

Behold, Diluvium City!

Here’s where the new improvements to the structure builder come in! If you look carefully, you’ll notice I’ve used a combination of authentically-built houses (using the normal floors, walls, and roofs) and the beloved Slab tool. I even used the brick road colors and stone wall colors to make a few new roof designs! (You can also see this with the Shrine.)

I went ahead and manually added curves to all of the city roads, leaving a few spots for public benches. As you can see, the Hearthlings enjoy these locations for eating!

So–now to release the mountain spring!

Will it work…??


The Diluvium Canal is successful!

So, allow me to show a close look at some of the features/details of the city!


Here, we have the Carpenter’s and Weaver’s workshops. There are also several market vendors set up here, offering a healthy trading community here in the city. There are also several warehouses here to store the massive amounts of resources, goods, and food collected.

Now, let’s cross the bridge to…


On this side of town, we have the Mason and Blacksmith area, with a Fire Pit and the Camp Standard set up in the public plazas. This side of town hosts the larger concentration of residences, as seen with the two-story red- and blue-roofed structures. This side sure likes banners, giving it a more celebratory or patriotic feel!

And finally…


This area lies below the mountain steppes. Here are a few modest homes, several plots of farmland, and more storage for the city. There’s a lot of goods to store! (The Diluvians are looking forward to potentially discovering crates or barrels in the near future.) There’s also the artificial lake to collect the water flowing from the mountain peak.

It’s also home to some of the most comfortable fence posts.

Anyway, that’s it for the project! And even after all this, I can still sort of do things in the game. Don’t get me wrong, there’s noticeable pathfinder delay, and I had to turn off lighting effects and seriously reduce the draw distance–I think we’ve met our goal here for now!

I still have a working save, so if anyone would like me to share more photos of certain structures or areas, just let me know!

Until Next Time… See You Later!!

[1]: Post your Alpha 10 Screenshots!


i… i cant… i cant find words to describe how amazing this is! :open_mouth:


This is pretty cool bro :stuck_out_tongue: Good job!


Wow! That’s impressive! Was this done entirely without instabuild?

What’s the statue’s name? May I suggest “Weeping Willy”?

Glad my funnel test helped, hope to see ‘Triluvium’ when water is more complete (sources, used as a resource, etc)


Yep, no insta-build! I actually haven’t looked into any of the console commands up to this point. It tends to be my plan whenever I do a project–after all, I’m trying to show what the game’s engine can do up to this point!

Though I have to say, being able to alter/delete structures would be pretty useful, considering all those saves I needed to make to see it through!


Looks fantastic. Wonderful job, I hope this makes the media page on the updated site! (I think you need to provide the save file in the “Show us your alpha 10 builds”)


Hello, everyone! Just finished my little mini-project I’ve been working on recently. Ready for a trip down a nostalgic road? Let’s begin with the opening.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

I figure most younger gamers won’t recognize this game–this was one of my favorite titles on the Super Nintendo growing up, and I still attribute it to introducing me to the RPG genre in video gaming. As you might guess, this title was spiritually continued with the Paper Mario series, another favorite title of mine. I decided to do something I haven’t seen on the Discourse too much up to this point: Renditions!

Alpha 10.5

Rose Town

(Reference picture; thanks go out to user -Peardean- at

And now, the rendition!

Overhead view

Inn (first/second floor split)

Item Shop

Couple’s House

Eccentric Gardener’s House (no Beanstalk–need green blocks!)

Stair Switch House

Inn (The stairwell was cut off due to y-axis setting with construction); note the bunnies plushies as substitutes for Gaz’s action figures by the bookshelf.

I tried to keep as authentic as possible to the designs from the game, while still resolving the common time-space issue in RPGs where the shapes and sizes of houses don’t relate to their outside design. There was also some issue with the builder tool by the time of the Overhead shot, so the roof of the Inn had to be completed in another save:

There’s a few things here and there missing, such as the crates on the sides of the Item Shop and Eccentric Gardener’s House–they got left out when I went back a save, and I forgot to put them back in! I also wanted to add the secret Beanstalk at the latter location, but lua and pathfinder started to hate me again by that point! I also couldn’t add the water pump to the South, since we can’t grow grass yet. Hopefully something we’ll see in the near future!

Overall, I had fun going back to this little gem in the Nintendo archives! I’d like to more of these, but I’m not really sure which direction to go. I actually wouldn’t mind some recommendations from the community (hint hint).

As a bonus, here’s a pixel art I did of the Mario victory sprite from the RPG!

Until next time!


Please, for the love of all Hearthlings, please add in the templates for these awesome builds if you can.


I really…REALLY wish I could! But these buildings were made with a combination of the normal floor and wall creators and the slab tool for most of the roofs (yes, I had to make those shapes by hand, as well as replicate the design). Hopefully we’ll have a way to just save entire X-Y-Z areas in the world for templates–imagine recreating the whole town in one construction command!


Slab tool? What’s the Slab tool? I keep hearing about it but I’m unsure what people mean by it. Well…there’s a lot of things I hear and don’t understand, like an apparent automine command, Wolves and such. I guess I don’t really get far enough into the game to discover these things since normally I stay peaceful with goblins and focus more on my town.

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its basically, is not, the same thing as the “second floor” tool, also in the building editor, there is a little “staircase” that also works the same way as the slab. i believe the name was changed after the new (what we currently have) building UI was introduced.

It’s the little group of three blocks in front of the building in the Construction window; it’s used for free-hand designing. Unfortunately, from my experience, using this with normal buildings in the initial building phase can cause some issues at this point. What I’ve been doing is placing the floor and walls as normal, but then designing the second-floor windows, roofs, and chimneys afterwards by using slabs. The roads were done using…well, roads! Just be careful about the eraser tool at the moment–it’s a little finicky and fragile.

The pixel art was done using a normal floor, but I didn’t think to save the file! While it can be created again, it’d be useful is there was a way to identify what color/material was used for a voxel, like in Paint.


Either the second floor tool or the blocks outside are what we call “slabs” because that’s what they were originally called on the old building menu. They’re like floors, but they don’t sink in, which allows for free-form editing.

Whoops, sorry, @Atralane. Didn’t notice your comment until I posted.


Oh ok, I was wondering what those were for. I suppose I should start using them as well when building, as having free control on the placement of the blocks sounds wonderful. What about that automine command? Does anybody know what that’s about? Or should I ask this question in another thread as to not clutter this one?