Silverpine Trading Post (100% complete)


i gotta say even with that guide above i dont understand why floating blocks in one blueprint is allowed…
this is how airships would work too, though i still ahvent experimented with those.


floating builds can be tricky, i assume this one wroked because even though they are not being help up by anything the template is still touching the ground, this is what i did to build them anyway.

First build them connected to the ground, when you delete the support, they turn red, as you would expect from any floating block

Next, save the template, then delete the current build

Once deleted, open the template again, and as if by magic, they are no longer red

These builds are only 5 to 8 blocks off the ground, so the hearthlings have no problem building ladders to start construction, i don’t know if i will have problems building a airship 30+ blocks off the ground


with the completion of my airship tower, this build is complete, i wanted the tower to be vastly different style to the rest of my town, more like the tower was gifted from another more advance civilization who added my town to their network of airship routes.

thanks for all the support and ideas during this build :grinning:



Fantastic work! I love it


ok, that tower and airship is really, freaking cool.


Just a little teaser of my next build :wink:


You’re a great artist. Good work and keep it up :merry::heart:


This is amazing. Silverthorn, for one, but that teaser, Clockwork City like… You gotta change your name to Sotha Sil.


your computer how much RAM memory and graphic memory


you absolute, beautifull madman. i love it.


How did you make those Ships ?


i’d guess with patience and lots of skills


Thanks all, having such a great community makes the game all that greater for me :blush:

@Andres_Gonzalez i have a intel core i7-7800x CPU, 16GB of RAM and a NVIDIA geforce gtx 1080, just as a side note, i also have a 2560 x 1080 (21:9) monitor (which is why my screenshots are all so wide)

@Menturius i always plan on unique builds like this (though my planning has never worked out perfectly yet) :man_facepalming: for the ships i started with a pic of the HMS Victory and went from there

They’re on my steam workshop if anyone wants them Steam Workshop :: sailing ships


never been called an absolute, beautifull madman before :thinking: i like it :rofl:


Speaking of them, i got an error when i try to select them, except the under construction one.
I guess it is because they have moded stuff in them ?


oh, possibly, i have @DaniAngione glass windows in from his glassworks mod, i might re-upload some with standard windows for anyone who doesn’t use mods, although i do highly recommended glassworks

edit: i have uploaded another 3 to a seperate file that doesn’t require mods