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ohh lovely suite :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Thanks @pingu :blush:!

I got a little free time and I wanna whip up something (I don’t want to touch the projects I’m working on)

Any suggestions :slight_smile: ?

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Something with stone? there seem to be a demand after this?

something with stone huh? Hmmmm…
I believe there was a discussion about that on the Mason post. Do you have anything in particular @Fornjotr :slight_smile:?

I’m searching some models for the category “Statues & Monuments” witch i added to the HomeSweetHome Mod

For Mason, Potter and also Carpenter if necessary

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I have been trying to think of things, but all i came up with, was some crude engraved stones, with either house numbers or names, like carpenter or welcome… maybe even small statues?

Another idea for you, could be to work on some armorsets for the firefly clan if you feel like it? :smile:

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hahaha I’m already part of the modding team remember :wink:? I’m not that just active anymore because of… err, life… sorry~ :slightly_frowning_face:.

Anyway I’ll do some armor sets for our blue gobs since I already a few sketches in mind :smile:.

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I’ll think about the stone ideas, since I have something similar in mind with my planned exterior decor project.

Anyway, just fire away with the suggestions everyone, don’t be shy :wink:. If I don’t get them done now, I’ll probably do so in the future.

Yes i remember haha (even though the possibility for me not remembering stuff is present :rofl:) I mostly wrote it as an alternative, if you did not find any other projects to do…

It sounds great that you will whip something for the goblins up, ill look forward to see it :slight_smile:

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Ohh this sounds interesting :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: can’t wait to see something


Something from our project thread, since our lead *wink *wink gave me permission (it’s actually more like an instruction hehehe) to post it here :wink:.

No music :sweat_smile:.
No time to edit~

Oh and I decided to post these gifs here to:



I think I’m one of those players who makes custom floors using the different colors that the floor swatches offers.

Sure the swatches helps a lot, and the vanilla patterns come around when all seems to fail. When experimenting on patterns
But sometimes it’s just getting tiresome to do the patterns manually over and over again for each building designs (especially complex ones I can’t feel my hands…).

So I decided to remake my simple floor pattern into an actual swatch:
It’s all thanks to certain awesome person(s) and threads that inspired me *wink *wink


  • Light Woodplank

  • Dark Woodplank

I think I’ll make more in the future, and maybe do some walls and roofs as well. And I do apologize for not posting much :sweat_smile:~ I check the discourse from time to time from afar sometimes.

More to come~


Will these patterns become a mod? It is kinda sad to have just one or two patterns in the game :slight_smile: I’m not really good at it so I’m kinda stuck at using those.


I think I can make them into one, but I don’t know if I can maintain them though :sweat_smile:.
For now it’s just those two patterns, and I plan to make some more and maybe add some for the walls too, and maybe more roof colors :slightly_smiling_face:~


Been a while since I posted automaton sketch/concept.
It’s still just a head, but it belongs to a flame-type combat automaton (a flamaton?)
It’s inspired by olden stoves. And yes, it’s still orange… I’m the pumpkin head automaton after all~


Feedback appreciated :smiley:!


Looks awesome! I look forward to see it as a model with more “squareish” design… Squareish…yes :smiley:

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Stmpnk is tired… and hungry…
Where’s my lump of coal~


:rofl: :heartpulse: sleep well productive one! Do you have any plans with this model and if so will you share your visions with us? You have so many great models and ideas that i would love to be able to play with!

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Thank you :blush:! Currently my automaton model is just implemented in my game as an armor set. It has been my plan to make it a separate entity, that can be crafted by the engineer (or another class), and is tied with a campaign/story line.

For now I just want my “Pumpkin Automaton” mascot @Stmpnk in every save game that I’ll play, running around all bright and shiny~