[Mod] (A15) Colorful Market Stalls: Version 3.1!


Yes :smiley: Everything,
I am not so sure about black and white (and grey) but not so bright colors would be great.


hmm… i’ll look into doing the less saturated as a second version of the mod, however, i’m currently working on a lot of other stuff, so it might be awhile before i get around to it…


Take your time :slight_smile: but if it takes too long I will make a 8bitcrab soup hrr hrr :smiling_imp:


Has anyone ever considered a dyes recipe for the herbalist? I don’t know what are the differences in the recipes, but to me, it would make a lot of sense to have a chain:

Herbalist: flower -> red or blue dye
Mason: orange dye? Yellow dye?
Weaver: x dye + cloth = fabric
Carpenter/mason/stone worker: fabric + wood/clay/stone = stall

That would make an awesome chain of production for these, IMHO.

Although I do not know what are the current recipes


Does the Rainbow stall work yet because I use this in my world and it was unable to place and I got errors saying it couldn’t find the ghost image so I couldn’t place it.


it should be working, but apparently it actually isn’t… i’ll check i out and do a quick fix right now. :slight_smile:



whats new

  • fixed a problem with the rainbow and fine rainbow market stalls ghosts throwing errors

known issues

  • none!

thanks for reporting the problem @huskysniff, all should be good now so when you get a chance update to 3.1 and the errors should no longer happen…


I will go and try them now. Thanks @8BitCrab


They are working fine I placed a fine Rainbow Stall and a Regular one and they worked perfectly.


awesome, thanks for confirming that they were fixed :smile:


No problem, It is nice to see that it was fixed so quickly I thought it would be started by tomorrow and finished sometime long from now. Nice to see that you update quickly. I am also starting to use your ruins mod in a few seconds and I am going to add it to my world and try out the fire and the other items.


well, since the problem was just a typo, it was a super easy and quick fix, and i had the time so no point in holding back on the quick fix. :slight_smile:

glad to hear you’re using my other mod as well :blush:

if you run into any problems with that one then don’t hesitate to say so in its thread.


Just noticed upon making a fine market stall that it also duplicates and makes a normal market stall as well XD not that this is an issue but dont think this is intended lol.


stonehearth itself does that with its fine items :wink:


oh really? never noticed that before. sweet XD


do they just sell stone and lumber? or do they eventually sell better items XD?


as they are just a copy/recolor of the normal market stall, it only sells wood and stone…

unless the market stalls started selling more in A17, in which case i’ll look into updating it soon.


You have two options here, create your own, or call one that is used in the encounters.

From blue_market_stall.json

"stonehearth:shop": {
         "shop_uri": "stonehearth:shops:basic_resource_shop",

Which points to mods\stonehearth\data\shops\basic_resource_shop.json that you can copy and modify to list the purchasable items you want.

Option 2
\mods\stonehearth\data\gm\campaigns\trader\arcs\encounters\\ has tier_1_shops and tier_2_shops folders, which contain the json files for the traders that pop up periodically throughout the game.

  • Level 1 Traders
  • Rugs
  • Stone Cutter
  • Tannery
  • Wood Cutter
  • Level 2 Traders
  • Bakery
  • Container
  • Door
  • Farming
  • Weapons and Armor

Because they are called through campaigns, they aren’t listed in the manifest file, so they don’t have a uri to put into your market stall json file. You will have to create a manifest entry for each one you want to use, and then use that uri to call it from the market stall.


Does someone know why: ‘when a mod that add new recipes is installed, the smart part of items selection on building menu/UI stop working properly’?
I mean, on the pure vanilla, all items you are able to craft show up on the building menu, but if you have any mod that implements a new recipe you need to have an exemplar in game of the item in order to it shows up on building menus.


hmm… assuming you’re talking about “Colorful Market Stalls”, that might be my fault, as i haven’t updated it for awhile and furniture/decoration behavior may have been changed in A17 with the building editor improvements…