What is the market, how do i make it?

i have just heard of this market building and would like to know how to make it. or is it a mod i have to download. just wondering.

hey there @the_jet_779,

i personally havent heard of a market building in stonehearth, or of a market mod… where did you here about it?


in the steam Discussions.

Don’t take the discussion on the steam forums seriously. :slight_smile:

What the crab said

ok. well that sucks.

were they perhaps actually talking about the Steam Marketplace?

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oh maybe they where talking about that

But the market idea (instead of a random salesman) could be interesting.


I like the idea of building market mechanics. Maybe market stalls, like “carpenter’s stall” for buying and selling wooden goods, “stonemason’s stall” for stone goods, etc. etc. on to food, and other goods each with their own stall.

I think more than just building them, and bam they are usable, (boring and too easy) it would be cool if you had to build them AND meet town size requirements, or complete quests (!) for them to be usable. OR OR! Like you have to complete a quest for each merchant, and the first quest for the ironworks merchant only unlocks buying and selling a couple iron things, then there’s another quest that’s a higher level to unlock more stuff, and then a third or fourth quest to unlock more and more! :smiley:

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i like it. sucks though that i know nothing about modding. this could be a cool mod. =)

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