Suggestion : Creating our own Shops etc

Hi everyone ! Especially @sdee and other Dev.

I wish that you guys will create a function that allow us the players to create Our Own Shops.
Its like in Final Fantasy when you go into town there are Inn, Weapon Shop, Magic Shop etc.
And Travelers around the Stonehearth world are able to come to our town and Buy our hand crafted items.
It would be so exciting that we can design our own Shops, display our items and sell to NPC Customers.

I know it will take alot of codding but please look into this function.
Love you guys ! See you all in live stream.


for now you can sell stuff so its useless,

but when they add multiplayer it could be useful i guess

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I could see this working as integration to the steam workshop have it be a function where when you create a model it could be coded to have the game download that model but not the ‘recipe’ and then only for that one play-through so you would have a reason to go shopping and buy items made specifically by other players.

Hello guys ! Thanks for the beautiful replies from the community.
Okay to further explain this function, you have to picture this.

  1. I build a Weapon Shop with signage and logo.
  2. I setup my Shop interior with the display of my Weapons.
  3. I set the Price of individual Weapons.
  4. I open my shop with my Heartlink shopkeeper.
  5. NPC from around the Stonehearth world come patronize.
  6. All transactions are fully automated.

Its like playing Dungeon village from Kairosoft.

Hope you guys like it and finger cross one day this will happen.

PS: Sorry don’t get me wrong I am not trying to advertise on Dungeon Village apps. Just giving an example.