Representation of shops and other things

Well, I just watched the dev stream about shops and thought about the good old days full of discussions about our towns and I think that shops/taverns and other “civilian” buildings should be a “real”, destructible part of your town. This could be a visting caravan (I’m sure something like this will be implemented), but also shops/taverns that the player could build to attract merchants /mercenaries/ambassadors.
I would like to discuss whether these buildings should be
a) completely designed by the player (and marked by special signs to identify the buildings)
b) given as unique blueprints (>>Norm Windriser would like to build a woodcutter shop and asks for your help to settle down<<)
c) a combination of both (>>Norm Windriser would like to build a shop, but he lost his blueprint on the qay here, he’ll settle, if you offer him [interior stuff] and a bed.<<)

PS: I did not want to revive an old discussion so I started a new one, if anyone notices another discussion like this, just move my post.


hmm… this is an interesting idea. in some ways i think this would be a good way to utilize the blueprints part of building. currently we can save our own custom builds, but what if we could also get blueprints through trading, and as you suggested, hearthlings that wish to join your town.

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