Taverns, Shoppes, and lonely adventurers

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I am that kind of guy who will make a building out of anything, and I have designed a Canteen with 34 seats to enjoy your meal. So, building a Tavern is kinda obsolete at this point.
BUT, what if we give the tavern a special use?
My idea is complex, so I feel bad for speaking more that what I could possibly achieve (because I have no idea of how programming and modding works basically)

New job: Tavernkeeper. The tavernkeeper can be assigned by giving a lvl 2 farmer a wooden masher (requires 3 wooden logs and a lvl4 carpenter.)
The tavernkeeper must be assigned to a building (you click on the tavernkeeper, press an option to assign a building and he will eat, sleep and craft in that building), Which means the building must include a bed to sleep in


Wanderers are NPC’s that randomly come from the Forests / Desert. Wanderers pay for their drink, and can sometimes pay for staying a night in the tavern, so if the tavern is equipped with more than the bed assigned for the tavernkeeper, The wanderers can sleep and pay for the good night’s sleep (which means that a comfy bed pays double as a mean bed). Wanderers also give grat trading opportunities. You can ask them about any other interests and sometimes they want to buy an item from you. They always buy it at a higher price that the stock market, which is very rewarding you for having that SPECIFIC item they want (Items do not include raw materials nor crafting materials)

  • Is there anything else I can get you, Mr?
  • Um, yeah, do you happen to have a leather vest?
  • Yes
  • Ill pay 65 coins for it, is that OK?


Ale cannot be consumed by Hearthlings, only by Wanderers. The higher the quality of the Ale, the higher they will pay for a sip. The ale can be made out of:
Brightbell flowers, Frostsnap flowers, Golden Gourd, Barly, Berries and cactus flowers

The tavernkeeper has a workskop consisted in three placable tools: A brewer, a barrel and mill grinder.
With the millgrinder (crafted by a cook) the tavernkeeper can make sacks of whatever he needs to make, The brewer can be used for mixing destilations and processing grinded materials and the barrel is used with certain drinks. The barrel is used for letting drinks rest for one day before they can be concieved (so you might want several of those guys)
The brewer can be made out of 3 wooden logs, one metal bar and one hunk of stone, the millgrinder one hunk of stone and the barrel takes two wooden logs and one metal bar.

Brightbell drink: Low quality drink, equivalent of cider. You need an apprentice Tavernkeeper, a millgrinder and a brewer.
Materials: 2 brightbell flowers

Golden Gourd drink: Low quality drink, equivalent to a gourd liquor. You need a LVL 1 tavernkeeper and (mentioned above)
Materials: 2 golden gourds

Barly drink: Introducing Barly, a new crop for LVL 1 farmers. Medium quality drink equivalent to beer. You need a Tavernkeeepr LVL 2 and all workshops
Materials: 3 barly hops, 1 wheat bundle

Berry drink: Medium quality drink, equivalent of wine. Requires a lvl 3 Tavernkeeper and all three workshops
Materials: 1 berry basket

Processed berry drink: High quality drink, equivalent of champagne. Requires a berry drink, a lvl 4 Tavernkeeper, a brewer and a barrel.
Materials: 1 berry drink

Cactus flower drink: High quality liquor, equivalent of Tequila. Requires a lvl 5 Tavernkeeper, a brewer and a mill grinder.
Materials: 2 cactus flowers and 1 golden gourd

Frostsnap flower drink: High quality liquor, equivalent of vodka. Requires a lvl 5 Tavernkeeper, a brewer and mill grinder
Materials: 2 frostsnap flowers, 1 brightbell drink

Thank you for reading!


This is cool. It would really add a lived in feel to stonehearth villages

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ist cool ich hoffe es kommt ins spiel rein

UPDATE on the idea: The tavernkeeper can organize feasts at his tavern at LVL 2. All hearthlings go to eat in the tavern for that night. It will boost their morale temporarily


Hearthling life 2.0 :smiley:

This really suggests to me not one but two classes, a new class, the miller, who is responsible for grinding and preparing flour and flowers and other things for use by other classes, such as a dye maker, the cook, a brewer and gives the farmer new reason for new crops including new flowers etc

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