Knights & Merchants mod for Stonehearth

Knights & Merchants when i saw the Trailer to Stonehearth.

It’s the perfect ground to have an improved version of that game is what i thought.

So i guess my question would be if it is possible to mod it that way… and if any one likes this idea too. Contact me :grin:

Just had to spread this idea. Could’nt resist.

and i want to add: as a self-proclamed junior Game Designer, i really envy you to fulfill your own dream of a game. Molto thumbs up !!!

Welcome to our forum @hotloy. I am always keen to hear about new mod-ideas. However, I am not familiar with “Knights & Merchants” :disappointed:. Could you summarize briefly what this mod would be about?

Just had a look on Wiki
Said the latest Knights and Merchants Game was a 2007 RTS
No Population Cap instead based on a food cap ( Everything’s gotta eat of I don’t have enough food people die) based around economy

I can see the stonehearthy qualities. Based around town building and professions and such

welcome aboard @hotloy! :smile:

i tweaked the title of the thread a bit, as it seemed a bit confusing… hope you dont mind!

K&M comes closest to The Settlers i’d say. But its more focused on combat with heavy rock/paper/scissors kinda combat system.

You cant control your workers directly, you only place buildings and roads where you want them to get build.
You slowly build up your town to be able to train troops for combat. it’s a nice mix between RTS and townbuilder. Just fastforward through this video to get a general idea.

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thanks for the clip… it certainly helped paint a better picture of the game… :+1:

im too lazy to google… how old is the title? seems reminiscent of a title from the 90s…

You’re slacking, @SteveAdamo. Maybe it’s time you and @Geoffers747 made space for some young blood.
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Edit: quick Google search to make sure I’m not a complete idiot reveals two things.
Knights and Merchants: The Shattered Kingdom


and the followup, Knights and Merchants: The Peasant Rebellion


hahaha… GET OFF MY LAWN!

but for realz, the game’s graphics are more circa 1995… am i wrong? :smile:

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Well the game was released in 1997, so only a couple of years out!

It’s something I’ve heard of but never looked into myself.

Is @Paranundrox questioning our supremeness?!

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ROFLMAO…Oh, that is so classic!!!

it would seem so… and that simply will not do…

something should really be done about that, to set an example among the masses… im thinking something along the lines of the “Cuba Incursion” from 2002?

however, i watched a small LP on Knights & Merchants, and i am somewhat more intrigued by the title now… so, perhaps some leniency is in order…

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Oh, no, I would never. I definitely haven"t take a page from Deinaeira. No need to check those MAGNIFICENT Leotards for centaur blood or anything.
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