Fixing Market Stalls: limited number of placed items or sharing merchant?

As of now Market Stalls have to offer very little because they can be easily abused just by having many of them. I think it could be fixed:

  • Market Stall recipe is enabled at town tier 2 (already possible, maybe even with a separate campaign node for more immersion),
  • merchants should take longer to return (few days instead of 5 hours, already possible),
  • despawn and return delay is tied to specific shop instead of Market Stall (requires modifying shop_component.lua).

What do you think?


Rather than limiting their recipes with town tier, I feel like the inventory of the Market Stalls them self should be limited by town tier.
An example only to serve as an example and not the real deal: Tier 2 allow Market Stalls to (possibly) sell metal bars - Tier 1 Market Stalls are not able to sell metal bars at all.

I really like the idea about merchants in general taking longer time to return - perhaps there’s even the possibilty to have some merchants (who sell more valuable stuff) to take even more time to return, too.

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My idea was to add specialised traders with stalls requiring the basic stall, crafter’s sign and some resources to be crafted with return time of a week or two, but this requires to have one timer per trader so one doesn’t abuse it by placing multiple stalls.