Trader tiers question

Quick quesiton.

Can someone explain how the trader tiers work. I got my tier 1 painter shop working but i was wondering if i have to make a tier 2 and 3 version as well.

I know that if you get further in the game higher tier traders visit but do the low ones still visit?

The low ones still visit, but they have less chance to appear than the higher tier shops.

You can make a tier 2 / 3 version as well.

In stonehearth\data\gm\campaigns\trader\arcs\encounters there’s the spawn_next_shop.json file.
In it you can see that it can spawn shops of any tier (but they will only spawn after checking that you have the corresponding town tier).
Inside the subfolders you’ll see the shops plus an encounter with the name tier_N_shops.json which is the one that chooses a random shop from the ones available for that tier.

Higher tier shops have better items and the trader has more gold too. The shopkeeper level you see in your shop encounter is also specified in the entity data of the item’s json file. It is what determines in which shops the item can appear (shopkeeper_level 2 will show items of shopkeeper_level 1 and 2).

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Alright thnx that solved my question ^^

Gonna make a tier 2 and 3 version as well then ^^

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